The Wisdom Way of Knowing

The Wisdom Way of Knowing

Reclaiming an Ancient Tradition to Awaken the Heart

By Cynthia Bourgeault

This Good Reads page details several ways to obtain the book: Where to find The Wisdom Way of Knowing

I’m excited to announce our first book in the Divine State of Mind Book Club. This book club is not intended to be a list of recommended books. It’s an ongoing, interactive discussion group, an opportunity to gather with others to read, study and contemplate various written material all under the subject matter of Divine State of Mind.

A few reviews from the book’s back cover…

“Drawing on resources as diverse as Sufism, Benedictine Monasticism, the Gurdjieff Work, and the string theory of modern physics, Cynthia Bourgeault has crafted her own unique vision of the Wisdom way in this very accessible book, nicely balanced between concept and practice.”

Gerald May, senior fellow, Shalem Institute, and author Addiction and Grace and Will and Spirit

“This lively and beautiful book will be helpful to many who find themselves setting out on the interior journey.”

-Bruno Barnhart, a Camaldolese monk and author, Second Simplicity, The Inner Shape of Christianity

“This book is a precious gem, a short and brilliant synthesis of the world’s great wisdom traditions.
Clear, concise, inspiring and poetic.”

-Joan Borysenko, author, Inner Peace of Busy People

We’ll gather on zoom once a week and also use some wonderful new community software to connect with one another, ask questions and discuss our thoughts.

If you are interested in joining us for this discussion send me an email at

Schedule / Curriculum

We will gather on Wednesday evenings at 7:00pm using Zoom software. Our first session will be Wednesday March 2nd. Discussing two chapters each week, we’ll cover the entire book in four sessions.

Important Note: There will be one week off in the middle of the session.

Week 1 : Wednesday March 2nd 2022
Chapter 1 : The Wisdom Way of Knowing
Chapter 2 : How the Christian West Lost its Wisdom

Week 2 : Wednesday March 9th 2022
Chapter 3 : Three – Centered Knowing
Chapter 4 : Wisdom and Human Purpose

Week 3 : Wednesday March 23rd 2022
Chapter 5 : Transformation : The Human Alchemy
Chapter 6 : Freedom and Surrender : The Anthropology of Wisdom

Week 4 : Wednesday March 30th 2022
Chapter 7 : Seeing with the Eye of the Heart
Chapter 8 : The Tools of Wisdom
Epilogue : How Aspen Found it’s Voice

Sign Up

If you are interested in joining us for this discussion simply send me an email at
I’d like to keep this group to a maximum of 15 people. To ensure everyone gets a seat please only join if you are serious about attending all four sessions. All sessions will be recorded and available to watch within a couple days.


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