The Journey Begins

Motivation is when you get hold of an idea
and carry it through to its conclusion.

Inspiration is when an idea gets hold of you
and carries you where you are intended to go.

Wayne Dyer

It was never in my plans to start the Divine State of Mind. It was never my intention to research what was meant by the word DIVINE or the phrase ‘DIVINE STATE OF MIND’. I was completely blindsided by this entire concept. It came out of nowhere, like a bolt of lightning.

And now that it’s here, it’s grabbed me and it won’t let go. I’m being pulled to explore the Divine State of Mind and to share my journey with you. It’s a very strong pull, one that I resisted, time and time again. But I can resist no longer. I surrender. I let go. I am ready and willing to go wherever She takes me.

And so my journey begins…

The Art of Meditation

Since a young age I have always been fascinated by meditation. Seeing video clips of Tibetan Monks meditating and chanting for hours on end, watching “regular people” sit cross legged with their eyes closed, these types of things always intrigued me. And I LOVED that show “Kung Fu” with David Carradine. What a cool cat he was!

In the late 1990’s I began in earnest my study of the East. I was blessed to find Grandmaster Jeff Guiffre who would guide my study for almost 15 years. Master Jeff was initially my Tai Chi instructor. Over time he grew to be a mentor, my spiritual advisor, and a close personal friend.

With Master Jeff’s guidance I learned the art of meditation. Through years of diligent study and practice, I’ve become quite adept at meditation. I truly Love it. It adds a certain balance and humility to my life. That is not to say that every meditation session is great or even good. Far from it. Many of my meditations are pretty bad. Sometimes, I sit with my eyes closed, wondering if I really know what the heck I’m doing.

However, occasionally, every so often, I experience…a moment. A certain space in time, where all my worries go away. All of the stress, the pain, the negative emotions simply vanish. All the heaviness, the weight on my shoulders, the burden on my soul is lifted. I feel light as a feather. What a glorious experience this is!

Get Joyful

In early 2014 I felt a pull to explore my past lives. Reincarnation is a common concept in Eastern spirituality. I’ve read quite a bit about reincarnation and have come to embrace it. I have followed the work of Dr. Brian Weiss, his books, seminars, etc. Dr. Weiss, through years of extensive research, demonstrated that one could experience his/her own past lives through hypnotic regression.

After a bit of searching I was blessed to find Susan Lawrence, founder of Get Joyful Hypnotherapy. A certified clinical hypnotherapist, certified by Dr. Brian Weiss, Susan is a leading expert in this field and her office was close by. Susan led me through several deep hypnosis sessions, exploring past lives, even visiting the Akashic records. My sessions with Susan were fascinating, powerful and always quite revealing. I was able to reach deep states of hypnosis quite easily. I attributed this partly to my years of training in meditation.

With Susan’s guidance, I explored levels and consciousness and realms I never imagined possible. I reached such deep levels of consciousness, it was often difficult for me to come back to the “real world”. Some of the most enlightening moments with Susan came during what I would call the “twilight state”. This state occurred after Susan had verbally led me back from the hypnotic state, and was attempting to ground me. She would have me drink a glass of cold water, open my eyes, look around the room, have a little small talk, and other such things. She said I was always a difficult one to bring back.

During one particular session, as she was bringing me back, she mentioned I must have been in a New York state of mind. I responded to her no, I was in a “Divine State of Mind”.

The instant the words left my mouth, we both knew something had just happened. It was one of those moments.

It turns out she was in the process of writing a book. She was looking for a good title, even asking for it in her prayers and meditation. And there it was: ”Divine State of Mind”.

Susan went on to use Divine State of Mind as the title of her book and as the trademarked name of her unique hypnosis technique.

Here is a clip of the recorded audio from that very session:

A Divine Gift

As time went on, this phrase “Divine State of Mind” stayed with me. It resonated with me very strongly. It seemed to be on my mind 24/7. My conscious and subconscious were churning away: Divine State of Mind, Divine State of Mind. I would often hear and even SEE the phrase during my personal meditations.

When the phrase first arrived I thought it was just for Susan. And that was great. I was truly honored to be the one to deliver that Divine gift to her. It was awesome to be a part of that experience.

But as time went on, I began to realize this was also a gift for me. “Divine State of Mind” was something I needed to personally explore, to investigate further.

“What is the Divine State of Mind?”
“Have I experienced the Divine State of Mind?”
“Can anyone experience the Divine State of Mind?”
“Can I intentionally experience or enter into the Divine State of Mind? If so, How?”
“What is possible in the Divine State of Mind?”

The Divine State of Mind

I believe the Divine State of Mind is where artists receive their inspiration; where musicians compose incredibly powerful songs, where poets write inspired poetry.
Many authors say their best work seems to come out of thin air, almost as if channeled. When reviewing their work sometimes they don’t even remember writing it.

These events, this type of inspiration occurs in the Divine State of Mind.
I believe what I experienced that day with Susan was the Divine State of Mind. I also believe I have experienced the Divine State of Mind several times during personal meditations. It occurred in those moments I described before; those moments where all of my stress and worries disappear, when the burden is lifted from my soul. Those glorious moments in which I feel light as a feather.

In these moments I believe I experience a sense of enlightenment. I feel that I truly touch the Divine.

My Journey

So this is my journey to discover and explore the Divine State of Mind. I’ll be sharing my thoughts, my feelings as I experience them. I”ll share with you what I hear when I am listening.

As is the nature of type of writing, it will be in declarative statements. I cannot preface every line or every thought with “I think…”, “I feel…”, “In my opinion…”. Needless to say these phrases are assumed.

The only thing I know with absolute certainty is that I don’t know anything 100% for sure.

As my journey progresses I may write something that isn’t totally congruent with something I wrote previously. It may even completely contradict something I wrote the day before. But that’s ok. It’s ALL GOOD. It’s all part of the journey.

The most important thing to remember is that what we describe as the Divine is not the Divine. Once we assign words to something, it becomes a worldly resident, and as such cannot be the Divine.

The Tao that can be named is not the Tao

-Tao Te Ching, Verse 1

The words that flow from our mouths, the text that flows from our fingers can never be the Divine. They are simply guides to help us understand the Divine, to help us know the unknowable.

I truly believe the Divine State of Mind has all of the answers we seek. I was given a glimpse of the Divine State of Mind. It is a glorious lighthouse on the choppy waters of the ocean of 10,000 things.

I was given this glimpse for a reason. I was shown the Divine State of Mind because I have the ability to find my way back, and I’ve been blessed with the responsibility of sharing my journey with others.

And so begins my journey.
My journey to know the unknowable.
My search for enlightenment.
My journey to find and experience the Divine State of Mind.

An Invitation to You

One final thought…
There are no coincidences in life. You found this site for a reason. And if you’ve read this far then you have some of the same feelings as I.
This is your invitation to join me. To stop being complacent, stop waiting for the answers to find you.

Ask yourself…

“If you died tomorrow would you be happy with your life?”
“Have you truly, unconditionally Loved those in your life?”
“Do you know what happens when we die?”
This is your opportunity to find the answers to those questions and more.
This is an invitation to YOU.

Come with me as I explore the Divine State of Mind.


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