The Impenetrable Fortress

The Impenetrable Fortress

When we embrace pride, a protective layer is formed around our heart. Same thing happens with anger, fear and other negative emotions. If we don’t work through these emotions and release them, we keep piling them up, one on top of another, layer after layer after layer. These little individual layers start coming together, creating a thick wall which then begins to harden. If left long enough this wall becomes a virtually impenetrable fortress, allowing absolutely nothing in or out.

This fortress prevents us from connecting to emotions like happiness, compassion, Love. We aren’t able to express these emotions towards others. We can’t show our spouse Love. We can’t show our children patience and understanding.

Not only can we not express these emotions towards others, we can’t even feel these emotions ourselves. When looking inwards we can’t see our Love. We can’t feel the compassion, the caring nor the patience. We doubt their very existence within us. When we look inside all we see is that wall of anger and pride.

Luckily for us, this fortress of negative emotions is not entirely indestructible. It can be penetrated and even destroyed. Recently I was educated on this first hand. If they say the hardest lessons are the best learned, this most definitely is the greatest lesson I’ve had to this point in my life.

The quickest most powerful way to tear down this fortress is to commit an act which breaks the heart of someone you Love. When you look into your loved one’s eyes and see their heart is shattered into pieces and to know that you were the one that did it; any sense of pride, ego or anger you have is instantly and completely obliterated. It’s gone. All of it.

I believe I have been holding on to so much pride, so much anger, especially the last couple months, I didn’t have the strength or courage to break through myself. I had so much pride the Divine had to step in and show me I wasn’t all that. And boy did she ever. She showed me without question, quickly and directly.

Now that the walls have come down, I feel like this…

I’ve had an awakening. The walls of pride and anger have been torn down. I’m ready to share and experience Love in a new and profound way. With this awakening, with this new mindset I believe I am closer to experiencing the Divine State of Mind.




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