Nice exhale, releasing the troubles, any regrets of yesterday.

Release the worries, the stress and tension about tomorrow.

And for once just be in the here and now.

Take all of that into our hearts. Let’s hold [name] in our hearts.

We enter this sacred space, this sacred time together with hearts open.

Knowing the absolute truth:
We are within God and God is within us.
There is No Separation. Absolutely none!
No distance to travel, No time to wait.

God is right here! right now!

We are divinely supported, nourished & guided each and every moment, each and every day. 

[Name] is divinely supported, nourished & guided each and every moment, each and every day. 

With this knowing we say Thank You. 
Thank you God, Thank you God. Thank you God.

We glow with appreciation knowing we are truly blessed. 
[Name] is truly blessed.

And with a grateful heart we release this prayer into the world. 
And may we move forward carrying this gratitude, this sacred glow of appreciation with us in the days and weeks to come.

And with all of this may we continue to know that

All is Well.
All is Exactly as it should be.
All is Divine.

And so it is



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