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Divine Studies

Join me as I start a new journey: a disciplined mindful program with a singular focus of exploring, understanding and cultivating The Divine State of Mind. Includes access to our entire course library.


Quickly boost your vitality and your immune system using the ancient healing arts of Qi Gong & Meditation. Learn to activate specific acupoints and energy channels of Traditional Chinese. 


Our unique Golden Light Meditation uses acupoints and energy channels of Traditional Chinese Medicine to nourish one’s mind, body & spirit. A simple yet powerful meditation. 

tai chi foundations

This course utilizes intensive training in the ancient arts of Nei Gong, Qi Gong, and Tai Chi. The class strictly adheres to the traditional training methods of the Yin Cheng family of China

master jeff classics

Two classic courses from Master Jeff. 'Nei Gong Essentials' & 'Tai Chi Essentials'. These teachings are the foundation of everything I share and continue to reside at the core of my spiritual journey.