Happy Accidents

“There are no mistakes. Only happy accidents.”
-Bob Ross

Many years ago I did some painting following the techniques of Bob Ross. It was always such a pleasure watching his show. He was so full of joy and happiness. Lately I’ve realized I’m missing an outlet for my creative expression. My career is focused in the logical analytical word of finance and investing and unfortunately I have let my creative hobbies fall to the side. But I’m making it a point to change that.

This is my first painting in probably 20 years. It was inspired by the Divine State of Mind. I’m not sure if I’m quite done with it yet. I feel I want to do a little more to it. And my skills have a lot of room for improvement but IT’S ALL GOOD.  I’m happy with how it turned out and it warmed my heart to create it. It helped me let go some of the stress and troubles of every day life so it was a success. I most definitely plan to continue painting as I feel it will help me get closer to The Divine State of Mind.


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