Divine State of Mind Sessions

Divine State of Mind Sessions

“Prayer of the heart is when the truth of who we are encounters the truth of who God is.”

I’ve been studying and teaching the internal arts of Tai Chi, Qi Gong and Meditation for nearly 20 years. Even with all that experience The Divine State of Mind is an entirely new practice to me.  It’s so new and different that I’m still learning what it’s all about.  And I’m most definitely still searching for the best way(s) to invoke it in myself, while also helping others to do the same.

The best way I know how to explore and learn more about The Divine State of Mind is to humbly ask for guidance and then get quiet and listen. In the past I would simply call this a meditation. However, the word meditation comes loaded with preconceived notions and ideas. Calling this a meditation automatically imposes certain expectations and judgment on what this is all about. Doing so could seriously constrict the potential of these sessions. So for now I’ll refer to them as Divine State of Mind Sessions. I’m certain that if a proper name or title would be beneficial to this journey then one will be delivered to me, to us in some way.

As part of this journey I am sharing these sessions online and inviting friends to join me. I’m unsure of the exact format, structure or duration of these sessions. The one thing I do know is that there will be lots of silence. 🙂 We are listening, looking, feeling for Divine inspiration. That is made quite difficult if we’re busy doing “things”.

Although this is a new practice, I will be incorporating my knowledge of Tai Chi & Qi Gong. I will most likely integrate certain acupoints and energy channels into the sessions. I may even add some movement if I’m so inspired.

I’ve been moved to hold the sessions on Sunday mornings. For those that know me, I’ve never been much of a morning person, especially Sunday mornings. But again, I’m trying to set my ego aside and follow the inspiration where it leads me.

I do have a few topics in mind that I will be exploring during the sessions. I’ve listed some of them below. This is not a definitive list as I’m sure it will evolve and grow over time.

I strongly encourage you to participate with the live sessions. As a Tai Chi instructor and practitioner I understand and have experienced the immense power of a group. I’ve witnessed this dynamic first hand in many classes both in person and online. It seems that distance has no impact on the group dynamic if we are connected in spirit.

The characters in the banner convey the following meaning:
“When people assemble with a commitment to truth,
the motion that ensues will generate good health to themselves and to the universe”

With that said, I understand if you can’t attend the live sessions. All sessions will be recorded and posted to this website, usually within a few days. One word of caution: there seems to be a large amount of technical difficulties that occur around such events. I’ve been teaching meditative arts online for years and have experienced countless technical failures that could otherwise not be explained. So I cannot guarantee the recordings will work. I do have top of the line professional grade equipment but sometimes even the best equipment fails with these types of events.

These sessions are free but you must be registered to join us. Use the form below to register for the next event. A link to the replay will be sent to everyone that registers.

These Divine State of Mind Sessions are the heart of all that we do hear. I hope to connect with you at one of them very soon.

Upcoming Topics to be explored

Clarity: Be Still & Know

Your Heart: A Portal to the Divine

The Divine Feminine. Is God really a HE?

There is NOTHING wrong with me!

Hineni! Hineni! I’m ready my Lord

Sacred Listening


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