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Join us as I start a new journey, integrating everything I've learned, everything I've taught, all of my experience into a disciplined mindful program with a singular focus of exploring, understanding and cultivating The Divine State of Mind.

21 Lessons - None

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Quickly boost your vitality and your immune system using the ancient healing arts of Qi Gong & Meditation. Learn to activate specific acupoints and energy channels of Traditional Chinese Medicine to remain healthy and vibrant during these stressful times.

15 Lessons - None

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Our unique Golden Light Meditation uses acupoints and energy channels of Traditional Chinese Medicine to nourish one’s mind, body & spirit. A simple yet powerful meditation great for both beginners and experienced practitioners.

4 Lessons - None

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This online course utilizes intensive training in the ancient arts of Nei Gong, Qi Gong, and Tai Chi. The class strictly adheres to the traditional training methods of the Yin Cheng family of China

10 Lessons - None

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*Taught by Grandmaster Jeffrey J. Guiffre. AUDIO ONLY: Originally sold on CD, Nei Gong Essentials is a powerful meditation created and narrated by Grandmaster Jeffrey J. Guiffre. From the CD: Our CD audio Nei Gong Essentials Self-Study Course applies ancient meridian principles in a detailed, educational narration of ideas, taking a comfortable meditative journey through areas, points, and paths of feeling,

2 Lessons - None

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The Original Tai Chi Essentials course by Grandmaster Jeffrey J. Guiffre. From the DVD: Tai Chi Essentials Self-Study Course contains our Introduction, Principles of Balance, Preliminary Skills, Preparation, Beginning Form, and Grasp Birds Tail.

6 Lessons - None