“Begin dealing with each situation with acceptance”.
-Michael Singer, Untethered Soul

My two cents

Such a powerful thought. Imagine that whatever happens in your life, whatever event occurs, your first feeling, your first thought is one of acceptance.

Not anger. Not judgment. What’s there to judge really? It’s already done.

Not regret. Again it’s already done. How does regret help the current situation?

Not criticism. Whoever did the thing: you, your spouse, your sibling, your friend or even a stranger. Don’t criticize. Everyone makes mistakes.

And even if it was definitely 100% intentional, the best way to move forward, the very first thing that must be done in order to “deal” with the situation is to recognize it, to accept it.

Only then can you begin to move forward with whatever you might determine is the appropriate path. All of those other things are just emotions, feelings. And please don’t misunderstand. I am NOT saying that your feelings and emotions are necessarily unimportant. Lord knows I’ve suppressed a TON of emotions in my life and it’s not pretty. To this day I continue to work through residual emotions from things that happened to me decades ago. Suppressing emotions is virtually always the wrong thing to do.

What I’m saying is that if the first thing you feel is anger, it makes it much harder to deal with the situation. If the first thing you feel is regret, you must work through all that comes with that emotion before moving on.

But if the first thing you do is accept the situation, it makes things much easier.

So try to make the very first thought, the very first feeling be that of acceptance. Then you can work through the best possible response to the event and navigate your emotions as you work through the issue.

That’s my $.02 anyways.


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