A Divine Moment

A Divine Moment

In my post “The Journey Begins” I describe the day when The Divine State of Mind arrived in my life. It occurred on April 18, 2014, during a hypnotherapy session with Susan Lawrence of Get Joyful Hypnotherapy and Life Coaching.

As we know, this turned out to be quite a Divine moment. Susan records all of her sessions for the benefit of her clients and her research. As this moment was the seed of everything involved with the Divine State of Mind I am going to share it here, with you. Some of the sound is a bit muffled. I transcribed the most important parts below.

So here it is, that Divine moment, the moment I was blessed to receive The Divine State of Mind:

Partial Transcription 

Susan: “You need juice. Can you drink some more water please? You’re still there. I need to ground you a little bit before you get going in the car. I need to bring you back down to earth.”

Me: “I’m still there. ”

Susan: “Yeah I know, I have to get you back here. And you’re not coming back so easily.  You’re kinda wanting to stay there.”

Me: “I like being with Master Jeff.”

Susan: “I know you do.”

Susan: “I might need you to wash your hands. That will ground you.”

Me: “Yes I’ll wash my hands and face”

Susan: “I don’t want you driving in this state of mind, there’s a New York State of Mind I don’t know what you would call this state of mind:  The Heaven state of mind, the Spiritual state of mind.”

Me: “Divine State of Mind sounds better.”

Susan: “Ooh, I kinda like that: Divine State of Mind. There you go. That’s the name of the book.”

Me: “Exactly.”


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